HEL 080

Low Viscosity Wet Epoxy Injection resin

HEL-080  is a excellent Low Viscous Epoxy for cracks with Wet / Humidity & Moisture.

It is a specialized repair and reinforcement material that is injected to cracks with wet to keep the initial concrete state by maintaining the best adhesiveness.

  • It is excellent at wet side and wet cracks.
  • To control the curing speed, it is divided into the summer product, the spring and fall product and the winter product. Its curing speed can be controlled by the user’s requirement.
  • It is easy to mix and barely shrink.
  • When fully hardened after injected, it does not chemically affect the concrete structure and it prevents corrosion on it so highly durable.

Areas of application include:

  • Crack repair or steel plate reinforcement on wet & moisture concrete.
Mixing Ratio (Base Agent: Curing Agent) 2:1
Pot Life (25℃) 15 min
Set-to-touch Free Curing Time (25℃) After 24 hrs
Viscosity (mPa-s) 600
Specific Gravity 1.18
Tensile strength 54 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Elongation percentage of tensile strength 2% (KS F 4923)
Compressive strength 114 N/mm2 (KS M 3015)
Adherence strength 8.9 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Injecting Tool Grease Gun, Injection pump (CY-800/CY-1000)
Packing Unit base agent (10kg), curing agent (5kg)