ACY 800

Acrylic Grouting Injection Pump

High performance double component Acrylic grouting Pump, used in grouting works for underground structures like Tunnel leakages, to arrest leakages through moving cracks in Retaining walls, Landscape podiums etc. Acrylic grout is injected behind the concrete slab or wall, react with water to form a physical barrier (In gel form)

  • Acrylic Pump Discharges with accurate 1:1 Mixing ratio.
  • After using easy to clean with water.
  • Easy to change spare parts.
  • All parts in contact with Acrylic are made with stainless steel.

Areas of application include:

  • Water-proof grouting work for underground structure (Subway, tunnel, parking lot, manhole, etc).
  • Water-proof work for civil structure such as dam, etc
  • Water-proof work for the ground of concrete structure.
  • Water-proof work for leaking area of underground    structure.
  • Water-proof work for constructed joint area and cracked area.
Driving System Electric Motor
Weight 29kg
Size (L x W x H) 470mm x 430mm x 650mm
Power AC220V 1.1KW
Mixture Ratio 1:1
Hose length 8m x 2
Tank 10Ltr x 2 Nos
Discharge Pressure Max. 300kgf / kgf/cm2G
(Recommend under 100 kgf/cm2)
Discharge Volume 1L – 1.5L /min

Injecting Method (Pump)

1. Check the cracks area, clean the surface using wire brush.

2. Drill holes near cracks using hammer drill.

3. Insert packer into drilled holes.

4. Fasten packer tightly using T-wrench.

5. Connect the hose to piston and pour resin into plastic bottle.

6.Connect Grease coupler with installed packer.

7. Inject PU Foam or Epoxy resin into hole.

8.Remove packer after finishing.