Injection Packer

ConRepair Injection Packers are used as connecting pieces between the structural element and the injection pump for the injection of PU & Epoxy resins.

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Different sizes of packers are available based on site requirement.
  • More durable.
  • Designed to take high pressure.
Packer Sizes
10mm X 60mm
13mm X 70mm
14mm X 70mm
10mm X 120mm
13mm X 120mm
14mm X 120mm

Injecting Method (Pump)

1. Check the cracks area, clean the surface using wire brush.

2. Drill holes near cracks using hammer drill.

3. Insert packer into drilled holes.

4. Fasten packer tightly using T-wrench.

5. Connect the hose to piston and pour resin into plastic bottle.

6.Connect Grease coupler with installed packer.

7. Inject PU Foam or Epoxy resin into hole.

8.Remove packer after finishing.