Syringe Injector

Used for Low pressure injection. More used to inject Expoxy resins in small cracks in large area at the same time.

SPECIFICATIONS Syringe injector
Filing Capacity 50 ml/cc
Max Pressure 3 kgf/cm2
Max Length  225 mm
Min Length 147 mm
Weight 40g


1. Check the cracks position, clean the surface using wire brush.

2. Drill holes near cracks using hammer drill.

3. Seal the crack using Epoxy Putty (DE-009).

4. Fix the pedestals in the marked place.Mix DEP-090 7 Hardener in ratio 2:1.

5. Suck the mixed epoxy in syringe and mount the syringe into pedestal, fasten the syringe using rubber band.

6.Remove syringe & pedestals after hardened & Finishing.