Advanced Reinforcement Solution

ConRepair’s Carbon Fiber Wrap comprises of unidirectional, carbon fibers and structural epoxy resin based, impregnating resins. These unique combinations provide a wide range of strengthening and upgrading solutions to meet the many varied demands of different projects and applications.

  • Structural column confinement, (>10 times Tensile strength of steel).
  • Light weight : Specific gravity is one fifth of steel.
    No decoration by external factors like water, base acid or UV rays.
  • Strengthening of weaker concrete, masonry, natural stone and timber structures.
  • Strengthening irregularly shaped structures and substrates.
  • Site workability is outstanding.
  • Confinement.
  • Shear strengthening & Seismic strengthening & Weak substrate strengthening.

Areas of application include:

  • Highway bridge and railway bridge pier proof reinforcement.
  • Pillar, beam and wall earthquake-proof reinforcement.
Fiber Areal Weight (g/m2) 200 300 400 600
Design Thickness (mm) 0.11 0.167 0.22 0.33
Tensile strength (kgf/cmW) 390 590 780 900
Sheet width (mm)/length (m) 500/100 500/100 500/100 500/100

Application Method

1. Surface preparation, Cleaning & Crack Repair (using Epoxy resin).

2. Primer Application (0.3 Kg/sqmt).

3. Bent surface control (using Epoxy Putty).

4. Top coat Resin Application (0.5 Kg/sqmt).

5. Attaching carbon Fiber sheet.

6. Second coat Resin Application (0.3 Kg/sqmt)

7. Curing.

8. Finishing with Paint.